Why move to Stratford?

Stratford is a small town of 5,466 at the heart of Taranaki, voted the second best region in the world by Lonely Planet in 2017. It offers small town living and affordable lifestyle with low property prices.

Mt Taranaki seen from a Stratford farm

1. Affordable lifestyle

The median property price is $270,000

As of early 2019, the median house price in Stratford is $270,000. Perfect for first home buyers, investors and people wanting to upgrade their home for a lesser price.

Recent years have seen an influx of people moving down from Auckland, where they can buy a much better property (or two!).

Stratford is a rural service town and offers exceptional lifestyle while still being close to everything you need. Mount Taranaki, pictured on the left, is visible from a lot of properties  and places around town. Taranaki offers stunning scenery and places to explore.

Broadway, Stratford's main road

2. Central location

30 Mins from New Plymouth & Hawera

Stratford is situated close to the geographical centre of Taranaki. An easy 30 minute drive in either direction to Hawera and New Plymouth, Taranaki’s two cities, makes it an ideal spot to be based out of.

It’s also centrally located between New Zealand’s two major cities, Auckland and Wellington, about a 4-5 hour drive North and South.

Prospero Place, Stratford's town square

3. Small town living

a small and friendly community of locals

The Stratford township has a population of 5,466, plus 3,522 in the surrounding rural areas of the greater Stratford District for a total of 8,988 (current as of the 2013 census.)

You will enjoy being part of the friendly community in Stratford. Visitors often comment on how welcoming and accommodating the locals are.

There’s a large range of community groups and clubs in Stratford you can get involved with, including various sports clubs.

Pictured to the left is Prospero Place, Stratford’s town square, which includes the library, visitor centre, art gallery, gift store, cafe, giant chess board, gardens, picnic tables and seating.

Mt Taranaki and the Glockenspiel clock tower

4. Mount Taranaki

Gateway to the majestic Mt Taranaki

Stratford is flat and the majestic Mount Taranaki can be seen on a clear day from a majority of places around town.

Egmont National Park (Mount Taranaki) is about a thirty minute drive from Stratford. Continue up to the Stratford Plateau for stunning views, easy short walks and hikes, as well as the Stratford Mountain House where you can enjoy a meal and hot drink.

Te Rewa Rewa Bridge in New Plymouth

5. A region like no other

Second best region in the world 2017

Taranaki was voted the second best region in the world by Lonely Planet in 2017. It is world-renowned for its arts.

Every year Taranaki is host to the world-famous 3-day WOMAD festival. There’s also Americarna, Taranaki Garden Festival, Taranaki Arts Festival, and much more.


TET Kings Theatre, a historic community cinema

6. Unique character

An interesting and rich history

You will find references to Shakespeare (born in Stratford-upon-Avon in England) throughout the town. For example, all of the roads are named after Shakespeare plays, characters or other references, and you’ll find a statue in Prospero Place.

There’s also the Stratford Heritage Trail which tells the stories behind historic landmarks around the town. This includes memorial gates and a statue dedicated to Colonel Malone, a war hero from Stratford.

The volunteer-run community cinema called Kings Theatre was the first in the Southern Hermisphere to play “talkies” (movies with sound) on April 1st 1927. 

Pioneer Village, a huge outdoor historical museum

7. Lots to see and do

Parks, galleries, speedway, Pioneer Village

There’s no shortage of things to see and do in Stratford. There are lush parks, art galleries, sports facilities, a community cinema, pioneer village, racecourse, golf course, speedway, swimming pool complex, playgrounds, restaurants and bars, cafes, gift stores, the famous glockenspiel clock tower, and much more.

With just a 30 minute drive you can visit New Plymouth, Taranaki’s biggest city which has a population of 74,184, or Hawera with a population of 12,150. Stratford is also a gateway to Mount Taranaki to the West, and the Forgotten World Highway to the East. 

The Glockenspiel clock tower on Broadway

8. Investment opportunities

a shortage of rental properties in Stratford

There’s currently a significant shortage of rentals available in Stratford, with a huge amount of demand from tenants and little to no supply. With housing being so affordable to buy, there’s an opportunity to invest in property here which can be very rewarding.